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Sara Rucker

"I can say that your friendship and guidance have been some of the greatest things to happen to me this year! I am forever grateful for everything you have helped me achieve on this little journey! You and your nutritionist have helped me reach goals in 2 weeks that I have been trying to reach alone for months.   I'm still in shock that those are my legs... 2 weeks in!! Really one week at full intensity. I swear these resistance bands have changed my life and I can't wait to see the further transformation as I put on some more muscle!!"

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Alex Vargas

You’re a phenomenal coach! 

But you’ve helped me get back on the right track to becoming a better version of myself. I’ve also noticed I’ve been wearing semi-tight clothes and have been confident about it! The last time I wore tight clothes was maybe a yearish ago. 

The programs have helped me get into the habit of actually looking forward to going to the gym. Every time I finish my workouts, I feel like I’m on cloud 9 and I’m just so happy! I’m loving the stair master and before the programs I’ve never tried it. I love being introduced to new types of exercises/machinery that I never would have felt confident doing before. Your programs and you (what you’ve done for me) have helped me see myself in a different way. You’ve helped pull me out of my funk and I’m grateful for that.

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Aubree Voss

I am currently working on a ten week home based workout plan with Pia. I have not only loved each workout, but have also thoroughly enjoyed having Pia as my coach. l will definitely be continuing my journey with her.  You tell Pia exactly what you want to achieve from your plan and she creates something solely for you. I’ve spent years just trying to google my way to the body l wanted...and getting nowhere. Now after completing just HALF of my program so far, l am seeing noticeable changes that are making me beyond happy and giving me my confidence back. Thanks girl

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