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It is such an honour to present my latest venture, a passion project of mine: 

Introducing the first journal in the series: The Light Series.  This journal is a space for you to write your dreams, gratitude, goals, manifestations, new moon intentions or anything that brings you joy. Be free, creatively.



This divine space is your you to connect with your inner Goddess, it is with intention that I created these journals, imbued with magic and love, and my vision is that you will feel the poisitivity and love radiating from it everytime it is close, because you will use the space to write with love and gratitude.



The pages have been laced with poetry and words to remind you of your value, worth and to encourage that love to bloom inside of you.  The words are from my heart chakra, to yours. 



This space is for you to alchemise, create, be magic itself, to help you map out and create the reality of your dreams.  These pages are a place for real magic to incarnate. Use them with intention. 

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